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Projective methods in psychological testing: the Rorschach test based on the integrative system of J. Exner

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Описание программы: 
"The Rorschach test based on an integrative system" is a powerful standardized method for obtaining multifaceted valid information about various aspects of human mental activity. The variables of the integrative system objectively reflect the universal, culture-independent, formal characteristics of human behavior. The psychological features of a client become clear after analyzing the structure of the responses. Through the responses, even a deeply hidden mental pathology manifests itself. In the client's real life, it could only reveal itself in a complex, problematic situation.
The main objective of the program: mastering the Rorschach methodology for a comprehensive study of personal, behavioral, adaptive and other characteristics of a person. The participants of the course will acquire the skills of testing, encoding and interpreting test materials.
The program is intended for practitioners, psychology students, and medical professionals.
Module 1
Module 3
1. Introduction: historical background for the Rorschach test and various systems of interpretation. The integrative system of J. Exner. A brief introduction to the theoretical basis underlying Rorschach diagnostics: the dynamic concept of personality and the main developments of the Exner Institute (USA). Specific aspects of using the Rorschach test in practice, expertise, recruiting, and business consulting.
2. Testing phase:
2.1. Preparing for testing;
2.2. Giving the instructions. Free association.  Role of the examiner in various testing situations;
2.3. Interview phase;
2.4. Recording responses. The localization form. The validity of the protocol.
3. Introduction to working with the atlas.
4. Practice in testing skills and keeping the test protocol.
Special assessments:
1.1. Verbal deviations.
1.2. Inadequate combinations.
1.3. Inadequate logic.
1.4. Perseveration.
1.5. Specific features of the content.
1.6. The quality of perception of the human figure.
1.7. Personal responses.
1.8. Color projections.
3. Complex indicators for psychopathology.
4. Building and using a structural psychogram.
5. Working with client protocols.
Module 2
Module 4
1. Study of the response encoding scheme.
2. Localization and maturity of responses.
3. Determinants:
a) signs of the card perception.
b) kinesthetic determinants.
c) color determinants.
d) personality type based on determinants.
e) monochrome determinants.
g) determinants of perspective, symmetry, and multiple determinants.
4. Quality of the form of perception.
5. The content of the answers. Popular answers.
6. Introduction to the structural psychogram. Practice in the skills of encoding responses.
7. Working with client protocols.
1. Interpretation by cluster. Determining the order of interpretation.
2. Control and tolerance to stress:
2.1. situational stress.
2.2. chronic stress.
3. Affects.
4. Interpersonal relationships.
5. Self-perception and self-esteem.
6. The cognitive triad:
6.1. Information processing;
6.2. Reality assessment;
6.3. Thinking.
7. Interpretation of the verbal component:
7.1. Dynamic analysis of the cards;
7.2. Interpretation and relationship of the qualitative and quantitative analysis.
8. Criteria of norm and pathology in the Rorschach test.
9. Prognosis based on test data.
10. Compilation of the conclusion.

Cost of the program:
The cost of the training program for the entire course (evening, weekends) — 43,200 rubles.
Payment by modules (evening, weekends) — 10,800 rubles.

Стоимость - 43 200 руб.
Объем и расписание: 
Reporting form:
codification of the protocol, compilation of a structural psychogram and interpretation of one of the clusters.
At the end of the program, students receive:
Certificate of professional development, provided that the student passes his or her own individual testing.
Volume and schedule:
The program consists of 4 modules of 36 hours each 144 academic hours.
Independent work is carried out between the modules. To enroll in the program, the applicant must pass a preliminary interview with the teacher - the head of the program.
Start of classes:
17.10.20201 at 11:00
Conditions for starting the training:
Participants are allowed to attend classes after signing a contract and paying for 1 module. 


The cost of the program:
The cost of the curriculum for the entire course (evening, weekend) — 43,200 rubles.
​Payment is made by modules (evening, weekend) — 10,800 rubles.
+ Payment individual testing — 3,000 rubles  is not included in the course price, it is paid separately and is carried out at a discounted price for program participants.
For a one-time payment for the entire course-a 10% discount.
For IPPiP students — an additional 5% discount.
Volume and schedule:
The program consists of 4 modules of 36 hours each 144 academic hours.
Start of modules —
I - October 17, 2021
II-December 19, 2021
III-March 06, 2022
IV-May 22, 2022
The form of training is  Remote (Webinars)
Day of the week Saturday
Time 11:00-14:15
Month/ Year Dates Academic Hours
modules 1 and 2
October 2020 17, 24, 31 12
November 2020 7, 14, 21, 28 16
December 2020 5, 12, 19, 26 16
January 2021 16, 23, 30 12
February 2021 6, 13, 20,27 16
Total for 2 modules   72
modules 3 and 4
March 2021 6, 13, 20, 27 16
April 2021 3, 10, 17, 24 16
May 2021 15, 22, 29 12
June 2021 5, 19, 26 12
July 2021 3, 10, 17,24 16
Total for 2 modules   72
Total for the course:   144

Лукьянова Валерия Юрьевна

  • Преподаватель программы "Проективные методы в психодиагностике: Тест Роршаха на основе интегративной системы Дж. Экснера".
  • Является Индивидуальным членом «Международного Роршах Сообщества» (ISR).
  • Практикующий психотерапевт. 
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