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The training framework at the Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis

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 The training framework

In its fundamental principles, the approach to education at the Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis draws on the world experience of training mental health specialists. Our aim is to form highly qualified specialists in the field of psychological counseling, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

This goal is achieved through a combination of theoretical disciplines with practical training. The practical work and trainings are organized in such a way that the students get to master the skills of counseling and psychotherapy work on a professional level when still in training.

The Institute is a creative laboratory with its own unique developments and an evolving model of training in psychological counseling and psychotherapy that is fundamentally new for our country.

One of our areas of focus is the integration of learning and clinical practice with personal and professional growth of students. This involves training in diagnostic and psychotherapy skills, a large amount of clinical practice, supervision of students’ psychotherapy work and counseling, as well as their own personal psychotherapy.

The methodological basis for our educational framework is a psychoanalytic approach that sets a certain way of thinking and a distinctive clinical vision.

Another important component of this educational approach that creates a certain atmosphere during group classes is the humanistic tradition in psychotherapy, with its emphasis on self-knowledge, the human desire for self-realization and taking responsibility for one's own live.