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Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis

Dear friend!
I am pleased to welcome you on the web-site of Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis. Our Institute (PEI «IPPP») is one of the oldest non-state establishments in Russia. Founded in 1991, it was the first one in Moscow to provide professional education in the fields of psychological counseling, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.
We have acquired enormous experience during the years of work, and now we hold leading positions in the number of practical courses taught. Leading academics and practitioner psychologists work at our Institute.


the honorary president of IPPP

Our advantage:

Practical orientation Best Russian and foreign practitioner professors A unique Programme All Programmes are based on the best Russian (Sovietic) achievements in the field of practical psychology Founded in 1991

Feedback from the graduates

Ekaterina Shchetinina

I for me it is IPPP - unique knowledge, self-knowledge, communication and training with highly professional teachers, finding like-minded people, friends and colleagues...

Yanina Limont

At the IPPP, I got acquainted with new practical directions in psychotherapy, such as, for example, guided imaginary and systemic family therapy. Clinical psychology knowledge helps me in working with psychosomatics, in diagnosing mental pathology.

Julia Novgorodova

Studying at the Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis brought me a lot of interesting and deep knowledge as well as self-confidence. I met wonderful and supportive teachers, got professional supervisors competent in their field, and a personal therapist.

Grigory Gorshenin
- What has studying at the IPPP brought into your life? What did you acquire during your training?
- Experience in group work as a teacher of the course "Fundamentals of interaction between a therapist and a client", experience in individual psychotherapy and supervision.
Dmitry Ognev

I am satisfied with my education. For me, as a priest, this is the most useful education. It helped me understand many things. I gained experience, skills to communicate with people and a more complete understanding of human nature.

Sergey Luchinsky

- What has studying at the IPPP brought into your life? What did you acquire during your training?
- Way of thinking, knowledge, skills, like-minded people, friends.

Svetlana Byalkovskaya

- What has studying at the IPPP brought into your life? What did you acquire during your training?
- New friends! New knowledge! A sense of fullness, stability, interest!

Elena Burenkova

The training at the Institute not only allowed me to find a new profession, but generally formed my professional identity. I am proud that I was able to walk this difficult way, and I am grateful to my teachers for the knowledge, practice and professional skills.

Tatyana Rytsareva

At the IPPP, I gained theoretical knowledge and skills to apply them to working with families.

Yulia Bukinga

Studying at the IPPP was interesting and rich for me. Many thanks to the teachers.