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Advantages of studying at the Institute Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis

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In the Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis you will acquire:
  • Up-to-date professional knowledge that will become a basis for your future success as a practitioner.
    The teachers of professional disciplines have gone through long-term education according to foreign psychotherapeutic and psychoanalytic educational programmes and are members of the most credible international professional communities. 
      • Developed approach to professional thinking and understanding psychological problems of the client, which can help to effectively conduct diagnostic and consultative work as well as psychological intervention.
      This approach is being developed during numerous educational supervisions and workshops on the analysis of clinical cases taken from the personal practice of our teachers.
      • Proficiency in the use of psychological counseling skills that will enable you to start your own practice immediately after graduating from the Institute.
      Education in the Institute is saturated with practical seminars, trainings, video-trainings and workshops. Practical lessons are held within small groups and their peculiarity lies in individual approach to knowledge and skills transfer. The teacher traces and corrects education of each student during lessons. Due to this method one can acquire experience of consultative and psychotherapeutic work during studying in the Institute.   
      • Wide experience of independent counseling work that will empower you with confidence and proficiency in your professional career.
      Psychological practice is held throughout the whole process of education. It is organized so that each student could have maximum amount of sessions with real clients. By choice of the students, as part of practical work of the Institute, they can work as volunteer psychologists. When applying for a job, it allows  our graduates to present themselves as specialists who have already acquired independent work experience in leading medical and psychological centers.
      • Opportunity to enter professional environment that will provide you  with support of experienced colleagues and contribute to your professional growth.
      While studying you get acquainted and communicate with the teachers who appear to be founders and representatives of such well-known professional communities as Moscow Psychoanalytical Society, the Society of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, the Society of Family Counsellors and Therapists, the Dance / Movement Therapy Association, the Russian Society for Analytical Psychology.
      • Diploma, i.e. a “calling card” testifying high level of proficiency of its owner.
      During 30 years of its existence, the Institute has achieved wide recognition as  an educational institution that trains high-qualified practitioners. The Institute is rightfully proud of its reputation not only in professional community, but also in  the labor market.