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Educational Programmes

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The educational concept of the IPPiP and its principles are based on the international experience of training mental health specialists. Our aim is to train highly qualified specialists in psychological counseling, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. We achieve it through combining theoretical disciplines and practical workshops as well as through organizing trainings and practice in a way to let students professionally master counseling and psychotherapy working skills already during their training.
The Institute is a creative laboratory with its own and unique findings. It develops a fundamentally new model of  teaching psychological counseling and psychotherapy in Russia. One of the directions we follow is the integration of teaching and clinical practice with the personal and professional growth of students.
This involves training diagnostic and psychotherapy working skills, a lot of clinical practice, supervision of counseling and psychotherapeutic work of the students as well as their personal psychotherapy.
This educational concept is methodologically based on the psychoanalytic approach that sets a certain way of thinking and of clinical vision.

Humanistic tradition is another important component of our educational concept, which creates special atmosphere during group classes as it emphasizes self-knowledge, human aspiration to self-realization and to taking responsibility for their lives.