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Emergency psychological assistance on the helpline (gratis)

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of the free emergency psychological assistance "Yaroslavna" of the IPPiP Center for Psychological Counseling                          
+ 7 (495) 120 16 60
Opening hours:
Mon - Sun 10 am - 9 pm
If you have an urgent issue and you need an immediate conversation with a specialist, please, call our helpline + 7 (495) 120 16 60
*All consultations are conducted anonymously respecting the confidentiality.
We see our mission in helping people to survive painful and difficult periods in their lives, to understand the causes of problems, as well as find resources for personal growth and development.

After all, asking for help and support does not manifest some weakness, but on the contrary, a reveals a strong person who is just going through a difficult time.
Call us when you feel the need to share your feelings with a psychologist and have a look at the problem from another angle.
All conversations on our helpline are anonymous and confidential. The subscriber's phone number is not determined and the information that the caller tells does not go beyond the walls of the Counseling Center.
We provide psychological counseling to all applicants, regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation or political views.