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Psychological counseling provided by our interns and graduates is free of charge

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Dear guest, Please, notice that free consultations are available at our Institute.
The sessions are conducted by interns and graduates of the Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis.  Our therapists have the necessary competences and experience to provide qualified assistance and work with a wide range of requests.  

Psychological counseling is efficient in these situations - 
relationship problems (inability to have or maintain relationships, conflicts and difficulties in a couple, with friends or colleagues);
personal problems (low self-esteem, lack of motivation, dissatisfaction with yourself, difficulties in career);
 crisis states (separation, divorce, death or serious illness of a loved one);
emotional disorders (short temper, anxiety, depressive states, apathy, phobic and panic states, etc).

Please read the TERMS for receiving free psychological assistance
Any adult over the age of 18 can be a client.
The client can get 3 free consultations.
Sessions endure for 50 minutes and are held 1 time/week both offline and online, using video communication tools.
—  Face-to-face consultations are held at the address: Yaroslavskaya str., 13 build. 1, Moscow.
Free counseling involves audio recording of the session, which is made strictly for educational purposes, in compliance with ethical rules.
—  The client shall inform the therapist about the cancellation of the session at least 1 day in advance, otherwise the missed free consultation is considered used.
—  After 3 free sessions, the Client has the opportunity to continue psychotherapeutic work with the appointed therapist on reduced price terms (the cost of preferential sessions is discussed individually).

Procedure for receiving and processing an application for a free session
1. Applications for free consultations are registered by a specialist of the training department and sent to the head of the Center.
2.  Applying the Client provides the following information: name, gender, age, contact details, the desired session format (online or offline), reason for applying (briefly).
3.  The head of the Counseling Center appoints a psychologist who will conduct sessions.
4.  Within one week after the registration of the application, the psychologist contacts the Client to agree on the date, time, place, and format of the first consultation.

Free session may be refused if
—  It is not the first time that the Client applies for free appointments at the Center for Psychological Counseling of the Institute.
The Client has obvious signs of an actual mental disorder that requires medical intervention first of all.
The Client asks for help in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.
The Client commits actions that can be qualified as sexual use of the counseling therapist.

Special provisions
The counseling psychologist maintains a professional dialogue with the Client and discusses the possibilities of stopping current suicidal intentions and actions but respecting the right of any person to choose between life and death, they cannot hinder the Client in any of their actions.
2. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, a counseling psychologist who has received information about an act that threatens the life and health of other people, as well as about any committed action that can be qualified as an offense prosecuted by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, is obliged to report this event to law enforcement agencies
By submitting an application for free psychological counseling, you agree to the processing of personal data and with the terms of free psychological counseling and special provisions.
You can find out more or apply for free counseling sessions by calling +7 (495) 646 11 08

Thank you for your attention!