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A solemn graduation ceremony took place at the Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis on July 7, 2021

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Good luck to our dear graduates!
On July 7, 2021, the graduates of the programs "Psychological Counseling, Psychocorrection and Psychotherapy", "Psychological counseling and psychotherapy", and "Clinical Psychology" received their diplomas at the Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis.
More than 70 of our students graduated from the Institute this summer. Despite the difficult epidemiological situation and hot summer weather, most of the graduates personally attended the graduation ceremony.
    Teachers at the Institute came to express their best wishes to the graduates. There were:

    Elena Spirkina, founder and director of the Institute.
    Narina Tevosyan, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology.
    Mikhail Isaev, Deputy Director for Scientific Work, Head of the Department of Psychoanalysis.
    Lyudmila Abukhovskaya, head of the Department of Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy, teacher of the training.
    Elena Melamed, head of the practice, teacher of the training.
    Natalia Marushkevich, teacher, head of the Internship program.
    Igor Koltakov, curator of the practice, teacher, groups curator.
    Marina Nesteruk, teacher of the training, groups curator.

    Remotely graduates were welcomed by:
    Svetlana Bimbat, teacher.
    Olga Komarovich, teacher of the training.
    Elena Ratner, teacher of the training.
    The atmosphere of the ceremony was filled with warmth and cordiality despite very difficult and even frustrating circumstances during the last 1,5 years. Graduates expressed their gratitude to their teachers, fellow students and the Institute.
    Lyudmila Abukhovskaya and Narina Tevosyan noted that due to the pandemics, the learning process was not smooth and easy for either students or teachers. However, there was a positive point as well: given that a specialist in psychological counseling and psychotherapy has to be able to withstand a lot of uncertainty, the conditions that have suddenly changed over the past university year have further hardened our graduates. 
    Natalia Marushkevich said that the educational process at the Institute is always dynamic and is created by all the participants of the studying process. Responding to the reactions of students, teachers grow professionally together with them. The Institute recommends teachers to build the educational process in a way that the experience of teachers would interact with the active interest of students. Thanks to the Yaroslavna helpline, which is popular in Russia and abroad and operates at the Institute (IPPiP), and the free psychological assistance service, our students have an increased opportunity to receive a large amount of practical training for their future profession and to form a pool of potential clients.
    Elena Melamed was pleased to note the graduates who took advantage of the opportunities to practice at the Institute (IPPiP) and managed to conduct a large number of individual counseling sessions, so that more than 3,000 clients received their assistance.

    Evgenia Filatova – 188 consultations and 65 supervisions.
    Yulia Korobkova – 165 consultations and 67 supervisions.
    Dina Faradzheva – 80 consultations and 28 supervisions.
    Elena Petrova – 72 consultations and 24 supervisions.
    Lydia Shehab – 58 consultations and 20 supervisions.
    Natalia Beteeva – 43 consultations and 10 supervisions.
    Anastasia Ivanisenko – 41 consultations and 11 supervisions.
    Maria Soustina – 40 consultations and 16 supervisions.
    Anastasia Uryasheva – 38 consultations and 11 supervisors.
    Olga Lagorchuk – 38 consultations and 10 supervisions.
    Ksenia Narysheva – 38 consultations and 10 supervisions.

    Elena Ryzhenko – 60 weeks in a telephone consultation.
    Ekaterina Filippova – 24 weeks in a telephone consultation.

    Igor Koltakov reminded how important it was to be together in moments of tension and fatigue from the educational process, to be able to share experiences, understand them and receive support from the teacher and the group. This experience has allowed students to get more resistant to difficulties and pressure.
    Marina Nesteruk wished the graduates inspiration and passion in their work. As well as to not be indifferent having this difficult and popular profession.
    Svetlana Bimbat remembered how she came to the Istitute back in 1992, and after a 10 minutes conversation with Elena Spirkina, she realized that life would be impossible for her without studying at the IPPIP. And since then, for 29 years, mrs. Bimbat has been a part of our Institute.
    Elena Spirkina and Mikhail Isaev devoted a few minutes to reminiscing about the history of the Institute's creation and reminded that this year the IPPiP turns 30 years. They invited the graduates to participate in anniversary events on December 11, 2021.
    In their speeches, the graduates noted a special excitement and awe at these moments. They said their feelings became even deeper when they heard about similar feelings in memories of their teachers. The same inspiration, the same thunder of new feelings, excitement, surprise about the new state of mind and great gratitude for the incomparable experience that they had gained over those years.  The graduates addressed especially warm words to the practical disciplines teachers who conducted trainings, seminars and workshops.
    "...When we were admitted, they warned us that our life would change, and now I can definitely confirm this. The perception of life has changed, it became deeper. I pay more attention to details, experience finer feelings, not to mention the new analytical abilities I obtained. With the professional support of the teacher, it was not so scary to start receiving clients. I learned to cope with the first impulse of helplessness and anxiety that one often experiences when meeting a new client..."
    "...As it is important for a child entering adulthood to receive a blessing from their parents, so it is important for a specialist starting their career in the field of psychotherapy and counseling to receive confirmation of their professional skills and knowledge from their teachers..."
    Dear friends,

    At our Institute, students traditionally receive a symbolic parting word even at the beginning of their studies.
    And when graduating, you pronounce words of gratitude for the years spent at the Institute with thrill and excitement. We say the same words of gratitude to you, our Graduates. Thank you so much for your trust, cooperation, patience, understanding and desire get new knowledge!

    We wish you good luck! Everything is just beginning for you!



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