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25.06 at 19: 00 Start of the program "Psychoanalytic theory. Why do we get into accidents?" Argentine school of psychoanalysis

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Описание программы: 
Program description:

Program: "Psychoanalytic theory. Why do we get into accidents?"

Throughout the program CIPEA specialists prove, based on clinical observations, that an accident:
— occurs at a crucial moment in life and is the result of a crisis related to change that a person cannot cope with, and which leads to a trauma and the danger of disintegration of his or her inner world;
— is an attempt to stage an internal shock in order to control it
Psychologists explain why this happens and how to prevent it!




Dr. Alberto Loschi, Argentina — a renowned Argentine teaching psychoanalyst, vice president, co-founder of the Center for psychoanalytical accidentology (CIPEA) in Buenos Aires, author of numerous works on psychoanalysis. 
Introduction to the Argentine school of psychoanalysis and one of its most prominent figures.


  Dr. Carlos Gibert, Argentina — associate professor at the Center for psychoanalytical accidentology (CIPEA) in Buenos Aires; psychiatrist at the University of Buenos Aires. Psychoanalyst, member of the Argentine psychoanalytic association (APA).

Full member of the International psychoanalytic association, Secretary of the Center for psychoanalytical accidentology (CIPEA). Teacher and coordinator at the Education department of the Center (CIPEA). Ex-president of the Medical and psychological society, the Society for psychoanalysis and psychosomatic medicine, as well as the Argentine medical association. 

  Valeria Lukyanova, Russia — curator of the program, psychotherapist. Teacher at the program "Projective methods in psychodiagnostics: the Rorschach test based on the integrative system of J. Exner". Work experience of 26 years.

Topic 1: The unconscious motivation of an accident.
Topic 2: The genesis of an accident (Part I).
Topic 3: The genesis of an accident (Part II).
Topic 4: Universal life crises as a paradigm of change and its relation to accidents.
Topic 5: Theoretical and clinical considerations about trauma and its relation to accidents.
Topic 6: Accident and its relation to representation.
Topic 7: Psychopathology of accidents.
Topic 8: Mental processes of the "accidents' mechanics".

  • The program was developed by the world's first and only Center for psychoanalytical accidentology (CIPEA), which specializes in accidents taking into account the human factor and the emotional aspects of causing accidents.
  • The program builds on the developments based on the Freud's theory, many years of unique research, and extensive practice.  The theoretical material is supported by a large number of clinical cases.
  • The program is taught by practitioners and the authors of the Accident theory.
  • Upon conclusion of the training, the students will receive two certificates attesting the completion of the program: one from the IPPP and the international certificate from the CIPEA.
  • In addition to webinars, the course includes supervision for the students.  The schedule and amount of supervisions will be determined by the authors of the course.
  • All the webinars are recorded. The recordings will be available to the participants of the training program.
The study of the Accident theory will allow students to gain invaluable experience and additional knowledge in the field of psychoanalysis, master new competencies for their further practice, and draw on the unique experience of the Argentine school of psychoanalysis.

As a result of the training, the students will:

— gain an understanding of how an unconscious internal mental process can influence the fate of a person;
— learn about how the learned techniques can be used in practice with clients;
— understand the processes and patterns of the Accident theory and learn how to prevent negative events and to interrupt the unconscious program of self-destruction.

The cost of the full course: - 29.880 rubles
20% discount for students and teachers of IPPP.
The program is recorded.
The recordings of the webinars are available at any time.
It is possible to join the program at any time.
The payment for the entire course must be made no later than 2 days before the start of the course.
Стоимость - 29 880 руб.
Программа предназначена для: 
The program is designed for:

Professional psychologists and psychotherapists, specialists in the field of psychology and psychoanalysis,
and the students who are already familiar with the basic fundamentals of psychology and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.


Документ об образовании: 
Education credentials: Certificate of participation, Russia. It is possible to obtain an international certificate of participation from the Center for psychoanalytical accidentology (CIPEA), Argentina.ных случаев, Аргентина.
Объем и расписание: 

Scope and schedule:

  • The program consists of 20 classes of 2 academic hours each, 40 academic hours in total.
  • Classes are conducted as webinars.
  • Before each class, students will receive a link to the necessary reading materials:  works of well-known authors or translations of articles by lecturers.
  • Each class comprises a lecture and a Q&A session.
  • Classes will be held once a week, on Thursdays from 19:00 to 20:30 Moscow time.
  • Calendar and timetable. 

Start of classes:
25.06.2020 on Thursday at 19:00

Начало занятий: 
25.06.2020 19:00

Лукьянова Валерия Юрьевна

  • Преподаватель программы "Проективные методы в психодиагностике: Тест Роршаха на основе интегративной системы Дж. Экснера".
  • Является Индивидуальным членом «Международного Роршах Сообщества» (ISR).
  • Практикующий психотерапевт. 
Место проведения: 

Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis
Yaroslavskaya str., 13, k1, office no. 229 
129366, Russia, Moscow

Узнать подробности и задать вопросы: 

+7 (495) 646 11 08