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Training "Basics of Client and Therapist Interaction

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Training "Basics of Client and Therapist Interaction
Описание программы: 
This course of practical classes is intended for students beginning to master the profession of a counseling psychologist, as well as for specialists with higher and incomplete higher education in the field of psychology, medicine and pedagogy, who have experience in counseling and psychotherapy.
Those who wish can pass an Intensive course, which is two weeks a semester, with joining distance learning student groups.
It is assumed that during the training, the student will to master the following skills:
  • professional listening
  • empathy
  • use of psychological counseling basic techniques
  • skills of conducting the first session
  • the ability to build a strategy for subsequent sessions.

These basic skills and knowledge obtained by the students are fundamental and necessary for counseling psychologists of many directions of psychotherapy.

The teachers of the program are practitioners with many years of experience. They represent the most reputable Russian and international professional communities, such as:
  • Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.
  • Moscow Psychoanalytic Society.
  • European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.
  • The International Psychoanalytical Association.
Программа предназначена для: 
professionals with higher and incomplete higher education in the field of psychology, medicine and pedagogy, with experience in counseling and psychotherapy. 
Документ об образовании: 
IPPiP certificate of the training participant
Условия поступления: 
  • Write an essay (after signing up for the program, you will receive an essay form from our manager).
  • Pass two introductory interviews with the teachers of the Institute. The purpose of the interview is to assess the applicant's perspectives to successfully complete the educational program and acquire professional competence in the field of practical psychology.
    Объем и расписание: 

    3 semesters / 13.5 months /138 academic hours
     Forms of the training: 
     - full-time learning on weekends;
     - full-time 2-week blocks twice a year. 

    Начало занятий: 
    September 2021
    Условия оплаты: 

    The full cost of the program is 63,810 rubles
    Payment by semester is 21,270 rubles


    Место проведения: 

    Yaroslavskaya str., 13, k1

    Узнать подробности и задать вопросы: 

    +7 (495) 646 11 08 или