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Counseling psychology and psychodynamic psychotherapy

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Описание программы: 
This is the main 3-year program of the Institute, designed to provide fundamental practical knowledge, skills and strategies for psychological counseling and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Students have the opportunity to enroll in a 3-year program at once, which we would recommend, or to go sequentially trough the initial 1.5-year program "Psychological counseling and psychotherapy", and then the final 1.5-year program "Fundamentals of psychodynamic psychotherapy".
The 3-year training program is a consistently built, holistic program in psychological counseling and psychotherapy based on 25 years of experience in training psychoanalytically oriented counseling psychologists and psychotherapists at the Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis.
Within the framework of this training program, the Institute implements a fundamentally new model for training practicing psychologists in our country, combining training and practice with personal and professional growth of students. Classes are held in the form of lectures, theoretical seminars, skills training, workshops, sessions of viewing and discussing videos of psychotherapy work, as well as clinical seminars on analysis of clinical cases from the teachers' psychotherapy practice. Students have the opportunity to reinforce their knowledge and skills through practical work with real clients on the basis of the Institute's practice. In terms of this program, special attention is paid to the regular group supervision of the practical experience of the students.
The teachers of the program are practicing psychotherapists with many years of experience. They represent the most recognized domestic and foreign professional communities: Society of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Moscow psychoanalytic society, European federation of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and International psychoanalytic association.
Our goal is to train qualified specialists in psychological counseling and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Graduates of this program can work as counseling psychologists in various government institutions and organizations, as well as private practitioners.
Practical training for all students in the retraining program:
In the course of the program, students undergo practical training in telephone counseling at the Center of psychological assistance "Yaroslavna", in psychological assistance to parents of seriously ill children at clinics, and in psychological counseling at the Psychological counseling center of the Institute.
Upon the training completion, the graduates receive a diploma of professional retraining.

Program structure:

Semester 1 Semester 4
1. Introduction to the profession
2. Fundamentals of psychological counseling
3. Theory and practice of psychotherapy
4. Fundamentals of therapist-client interaction (training)
5. Introduction to psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic theories of development
6. The art of psychotherapy sessions: learning through observation
7. Methods for personal reflection
1. Fundamentals of therapist-client interaction (training)
2. Principles of psychoanalytic technique
3. Technique of the initial dynamic interview 
4. Group supervision
5. Psychological counseling of children and adolescents
6. Psychological assistance to parents of seriously ill children
7. Methods for personal reflection
Practical training 2: work in a clinic with parents of seriously ill children
Semester 2 Semester 5
1. Introduction to psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic theories of development
2. Fundamentals of psychoanalytic diagnosis
3. Fundamentals of therapist-client interaction (training)
4. Family psychology
5. Workshop on remote psychological counseling 
6. Psychiatry
7. Workshop on psychiatry
8. Methods for personal reflection
1. Dynamic psychiatry
2. Theory and psychotherapy of neuroses
3. Short-term dynamic psychotherapy
4. Group supervision
5. Ethics in psychotherapy
6. Seminar on the preparation of the final qualification work
7. Methods for personal reflection
Practical training 3: work in a clinic with parents of seriously ill children
Practice 4: Psychological counseling

Semester 3 Semester 6
1. Fundamentals of therapist-client interaction (training)
2. Psychology and psychotherapy of grief
3. Psychoanalytic theory of affects, trauma, and grief
4. Trainig in telephone counseling
5. Ethics in psychotherapy
6. Seminar on analysis of clinical cases
7. Methods for personal reflection
Practical training 1: telephone counseling
1. Diagnostics and psychotherapy of borderline personality disorder
2. Dynamic psychotherapy of depression
3. Psychoanalytic psychosomatics
4. Group supervision
6. Seminar on the preparation of the final qualification work
7. Methods for personal reflection
Practical training 3: Psychology and psychotherapy of dependent behavior
Practice 4: psychological counseling


Программа предназначена для: 

The program is designed for persons with higher education, as well as psychology students of the last years.

Преимущества программы: 
— compliance with the international standards of professional training of counseling psychologists and psychotherapists;
— a unique in its content and practically oriented curriculum on psychological counseling, psychoanalysis, and dynamic psychotherapy;
— a large amount of professional skills training and supervision of students' practical work;
— in the course of practical training under the guidance of experienced specialists, students gain practical experience as counseling psychologists;
— the training prepares students to start their own psychotherapy practice.
Документ об образовании: 
Diploma of professional retraining
Условия поступления: 
  • Write an essay (you will receive an essay form from the manager when you sign up for the program).
  • Pass two introductory interviews with teachers of the Institute. The purpose of the interview is to assess the potential of the applicant to successfully complete the curriculum and achieve professional competence in the field of practical psychology.
  • Submit required papers to the admissions committee: the passport, a copy of the diploma of previously received higher education with the appendix, and 2 photos 3x4.
  • It is important to note that the Institute builds its program upon the established training standards of counseling psychologists and psychotherapists, an integral part of which is personal psychotherapy of a future specialist. You should be prepared to hear about the value of personal psychotherapy for the future practicing psychologist during the introductory interview.  However, the personal psychotherapy is not mandatory and is not necessary for obtaining a diploma of retraining.


Объем и расписание: 
  • 1780 ac. hours (1000 of them in class) for 3 calendar years (6 semesters, 27 academic months).
  • For the evening education, training takes place on weekdays from 18.00 to 22.00 2-3 times a week.
  • For the part-time distance education with the use of distance learning technologies, training takes place online (ZOOM) with a full-time module of 14 calendar days each semester.
  • For the full-time weekend education, training takes place on Saturdays and Sundays.
Start of the program: OCTOBER 2021 
Payment terms:
Cost of the program and payment terms for all forms of education:

3 years — 396,000 rubles.
3 years — 356,400 rubles (promotional offer -10% if paid in full at once)
One semester — 66,000 rubles.
One month — 16,000 rubles (first payment — 19,600 rubles)

Начало занятий: 

Бекетова Нинель Михайловна

Бекетова Нинель Михайловна
  • Преподаватель Института Практической Психологии и Психоанализа
  • Преподаватель кафедры пластической и реконструктивной хирургии, косметологии и клеточных технологий, Российская государственная медицинская академия;
  • Преподаватель Института Коммуникации в здравоохранении, Нью Хэвэн, США. 

Бимбат Светлана Давидовна

Преподаватель дисциплины «Основы психологического консультирования»,
автор семинара «Трансгенерационная передача травмы (психоаналитический взгляд)»
Психоаналитический психотерапевт, ассоциированный член Общества психоаналитической психотерапии – Европейской федерации психоаналитической психотерапии (EFPP)

Место проведения: 
13 Yaroslavskaya str. Housing 1, Office №229
Moscow 129366 Russia
Telephone: +7 (495) 646 11 08
Узнать подробности и задать вопросы: 

+7 (495) 646-11-08