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The Theory and Practice of Sand Play by E. Barchina

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Sand Play
Описание программы: 
The program is led by Elena Timofeevna Barchina, a practicing child psychologist, teacher of the IPPiP.
Seminars (webinars) are held on the ZOOM platform. To better understand the material and improve the quality of training, we ask you to attend classes with a video camera and microphone turned on.
Dates of the event
11.05 - 25.05.2021
Beginning at 18:30 Pm
25 academic hours
9 880 rubles
The therapeutic sandbox is successfully used in psychological and psychotherapeutic work with chil-dren and adults, as well as in psychological and pedagogical practice.
The purpose of this course is to form students' understanding of psychological counseling by the means of the sand therapy method for children and adults.
The course program is aimed at introducing students to various aspects of the use of the therapeutic sandbox in their practice, as well as giving them their own client experience and helping them reflect on it. Students will be able to evaluate the therapeutic advantages of the "sand play", and learn how to include sand therapy in their professional psychological practice.
Participants of the seminar will learn about main characteristics of sand paintings in order to better understand it. The relationship between sand therapy and fairy tale therapy will be made clear, which will allow students to appreciate the potential of this therapeutic union. A real individual therapeutic workshop will help participants try on a role of a client and understand how the sand therapy session is experienced by adult clients and children. Participation in demonstration sessions gives students a chance to see firsthand the "spectacle of their inner life" – and at the same time, helps to discover their own resources, expand their professional capabilities and believe in themselves.
During the training, students will learn:
  • what makes working with sand different from other types of therapeutic practice;
  • which typical psychological difficulties and problems are found in adult clients and children, and how this is reflected in the sand play with them;
  • what exactly the therapeutic sandbox does and how it helps the client and the psychologist;
  • what procedures and elements of fairy tale therapy are appropriate during sand play with different clients;
  • when and why use the therapeutic sandbox in the practice with adults and children.
Программа предназначена для: 
    The program is intended for: 
    • Counseling psychologists working (or planning to work) with children, adolescents and adults using the therapeutic sandbox;
    • Educational psychologists, social educators and social work specialists working with children in edu-cational, medical and social institutions;
    • Senior students studying Psychology, who are interested in psychological counseling for children and adults using the therapeutic sandbox.
    Преимущества программы: 
    Benefits of the program: 
    • The program has a pronounced practical orientation with an emphasis on psychocorrective and psychotherapeutic components.
    • It will be useful for psychologists working with children and adults and seeking a deeper understanding of their individual characteristics, needs, difficulties and opportunities. 
    • Within the framework of the practical webinar, the attendees will be offered clinical cases when working with sand play.
    Документ об образовании: 
    Education credentials: Participation Certificate of the Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis.
    Условия поступления: 
    Admission conditions:
    It is necessary to register for the program on the website and pay the bill.


    Объем и расписание: 
    Scope and schedule: 

    The theoretical part of the program  "Theory and Practice of Sand Play"
    will be conducted as webinars – 
     11, 14, 18, 21, 25 May 2021 from 18:30 to 21:45 Moscow time
     (1 webinar – 4 academic hours, 5 webinars in total – 20 academic hours) 
    - All the webinars are recorded.
    - You may watch them whenever it is convenient for you.
    - The recordings of the webinars remain available for one month.
    The practical part of the program "Theory and Practice of Sand Play"
    will be conducted on Sunday 23 May from 11:30 to 15:45 (Moscow time)
    (each meeting – 5 academic hours) 
    - It is conducted in the face-to-face format of the Practical Seminar.
    - In case of quarantine, the seminar will be held in the format of a Practical Webinar.
    - No recording of the Practical Webinar will be made as it includes real clinical cases.

    Start of classes: 
    11 May 2021, at 18:30

    Payment terms: 
    It is advisable to pay for the training at least 2 working days before the start of the course.
    The invoice will be sent to your email address.

    Начало занятий: 
    Место проведения: 

    Seminars (webinars) are held on the ZOOM platform.
    To better understand the material and improve the quality of training, we ask you to attend classes with a video camera and microphone turned on.


    Узнать подробности и задать вопросы: 

    Тел.: +7 495 646 11 08