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Open Supervision Workshop 2021-2022

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Описание программы: 

Program description:

We invite you to take part in our supervisory group to discuss the first session clinical material.
The profession of a counseling psychologist involves long-term work in a fairly isolated office space. During the appointment, therapists are often left alone with the complex life and clinical problems of their patients, as well as with their own anxieties, fears and doubts. That is why it is very important for the specialists to have professional environment, a community to exchange experience and grow. An open supervision workshop provides you with such a space.
Purpose of the workshop:
to supervise a clinical case in a circle of interested students, graduates of the institute, practitioners and teachers.
Workshop teachers
The Open Supervision Workshop moderators:
  • Mikhail Isaev
  • Natalia Marushkevich
The Open supervision workshop teachers:       
  • Elena Spirkina
  • Elena Melamed
  • Nadezhda Trepalina
  • Tatiana Sviridenko
  • Galina Tsikina
  • Olga Salishcheva
  • Olga Komarovich
The Open Supervision Workshop is part of the Internship Program.
Price: 1,500 rubles.
Стоимость - 1 500 руб.
Программа предназначена для: 

The program is designed for:
Students and graduates of the IPPiP
If you would like to prepare a case for supervision, please, contact the workshop moderators.

Преимущества программы: 

Benefits of the program:

  • Meeting with different psychoanalytic and other psychotherapeutic models, exchanging opinions, finding new meanings and ideas when discussing one case - all this will help to create a coherent picture of what goes on during the session.
  • Guided by moderators, the interaction between young specialists and more experienced professionals will provide all the participants with a special space for development and collegial support.
  • Working in a supervisory group will give participants invaluable experience in better understanding their clients, reduce their anxiety and help develop their professional style.
Документ об образовании: 
Education credentials: Upon completion of the training, a Certificate of Participation is issued.
Условия поступления: 
Admission conditions:
An interview with the moderator of the workshop.
Объем и расписание: 

Scope and schedule: 

Duration of the program:
from October 8, 2021 to June 10, 2022
Fridays from 16:00 to 17:45
Scope of the Program: 16 academic hours
A total of 8 seminars in the academic year

08.10.2021   11.02.2022    13.05.2022
12.11.2021   11.03.2022    10.06.2022
10.12.2021   08.04.2022

Начало занятий: 
Условия оплаты: 
Payment terms: 

The cost of one class is 1,500 rubles.
The cost for current students of the IPPiP is 1,200 rubles.
Registration and payment for the class should be made at least 2 days before the start of the class.

Место проведения: 

Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis
Yaroslavskaya str., 13, k1, office no. 229 
129366, Russia, Moscow

Узнать подробности и задать вопросы: 
 +7 (495) 646-11-08