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Clinical psychology

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Описание программы: 
Program description:
The purpose of the program is to build an understanding in students of the psychological characteristics of people suffering from various diseases, mental factors that affect the development of diseases, their prevention and treatment, methods and ways of psychodiagnostics, psychocorrection and psychotherapy used in clinical and psychological practice.
The retraining program "Clinical psychology" includes:
1) introduction to the general principles of clinical psychology as a branch of psychological science;
2) a comprehensive approach to studying individual psychological characteristics in conjunction with the matters of norm and pathology;
3) studying mental manifestations of various disorders;
4) studying mental development disorders;
5) studying the degree of the impact of various disorders on the human psyche;
6) studying mental manifestations of various diseases in their dynamics;
7) studying methods of influencing human psyche for therapeutic and preventive purposes.
The training program allows students to later practice in clinical centers, hospitals of various profiles, psychiatric clinics, and forensic psychological centers.
Upon completion of training, students receive a diploma of professional retraining
Program structure:
Main disciplines
— Introduction to clinical psychology
— Fundamentals of psychiatry
— Psychopharmacology
— Neurology
— Psychopathology
— Workshop on psychopathology
— Neuropsychology
— Workshop on neuropsychology
— Psychology of abnormal development
— Workshop on the psychology of abnormal development
— Psychosomatics
— Play therapy
— Psychology of dependent behavior
— Psychology of stress
— Personality disorders
— Workshop on personality disorders
— Clinical psychodiagnostics
— Psychotherapy in clinical practice


Программа предназначена для: 
The program is designed for:
  • persons with higher psychological or medical education;
  • ​senior students of psychological and medical universities.
Преимущества программы: 
    • Advantages of this program:
    The program provides an in-depth understanding of the main clinical and psychotherapeutic disciplines necessary for a clinical psychologist. One of the important benefits of the program is that it involves practice in leading Moscow clinics. The training is led by practitioners, psychiatrists, specialists in the field of clinical psychology with a rich practical experience. The combination of deep knowledge and extensive practical experience that students receive during their training allows to form specialists of the highest level.
    Объем и расписание: 

    Academic hours and schedule:

    1200 ac. hours, 12 academic months, or 3 trimesters.

    Forms of education:

    FULL-TIME weekend groups; PART-TIME groups with the use of distance learning technologies and one full-time module in the 3rd trimester.

    Start of the program:
    October 01, 2021
    Admission into the program until October 01, 2021.
    Payment terms:

    Tuition price and payment terms for all forms of education:
    1 year (3 trimesters) — 138,000 rubles.
    1 year (3 trimesters) — 124,200 rubles (promotional offer -10% if paid in full at once)
    1 trimester — 46,000 rubles
    1 month — 12,500 rubles (the first payment is 14,300 rubles)


    Место проведения: 

    Yaroslavskaya str., 13, k1, office no. 229 
    129366, Russia, Moscow
    +7 (495) 646 11 08

    Узнать подробности и задать вопросы: 

    +7 (495) 646-11-08